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        With the person this Advocating science and technology

        Advocate the enterprise in harmony with nature



               In the development process, the company has always followed the management idea that “security and environmental protection are bottom line of survival”. By way of constantly drawing lessons from international advanced management mode, the company has passed the on-site inspection and acceptance of security, environmental protection and HSE in China Pesticide industry; after obtaining ISO9000/14001/ OHSAS18001 for the first time in 2001, it has continually passed review. In the aspect of security, it has been rated as Suzhou Management Model Enterprise and passed the acceptance of Provincial safety second-level standards. Besides, investment in environmental protection has been up to 180,000,000. With the implementation and deepening of “263”action,  the company focused on odor control and invested more than 25,000,000 to increase two sets of 60,000 air flow RTO furnace, which led to the upgrade of odour control facilities. Environmental Protection Agency relied on Jiangsu Qiqing Environmental Firm, third-party auditor, to test the odor. For the fact that all indicators are qualified, it passed the on-site acceptance of Environmental Protection Agency in January and was reported on television.