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        With the person this Advocating science and technology

        Advocate the enterprise in harmony with nature



               The company adheres to the “win-through-quality”principle and has gained 483 international market registration certificates by way of speeding up the product registration in international market. With the constant expanding of market channels, the company has established long-term cooperative relationships with many multinational corporations like Bayer, Syngent, Ham and so on. Besides, it has acquired Australia Conquest company in order to integrate and take advantage of the international sales platform and  promote the sustained growth in foreign trade. Proprietary trading in foreign trade has a sales of more than 150,000,000 dollars and  ranks Top 14 in china pesticide export enterprises.In June this year, it was titled “International famous brand “. An enterprise cannot develop without the customer’s trust and support, and every advance is closely linked with the customer. It is by adhering to the mutual benefit and common development to actively improve the customer service system. A powerful marketing team was set up and the market development mechanism integrated with production, sales and research was established for providing the customers a full range of services.