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        Innovation Platform

        National Postdoctoral Research Station, Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, Provincial Key Enterprises R&D Institution, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Workstation of Graduate Students, Provincial Crop Fungicide Protection Engineering Research Center and so on.

        Achievements and awards

        the hierarchy of staff: the company has 36 masters and senior engineers, ten of whom are doctors. Five research personnel are respectively listed as “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents of Jiangsu Province”, “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Doctors of Jiangsu Province”, “Leading Talent of Gusu District” and “Personnel in Short Supply of Gusu District ”. collaborative innovation: the company has established long-term cooperative relationship in innovation and research with Tianjin University, East China University of Science and Technology, Huazhong Normal University, Lanhua institute of Chinese academy of sciences and so on.

        Achievements and awards

        1、one second prize of State technological invention award issued by the State Council; three first prize of Provincial and ministerial technological invention awards.
        2、one second Prize of National Science-Technology Progress Award; two First, one second and 4 third Prizes of Provincial and ministerial Science-Technology Progress Award.
        3、three second prizes of Suzhou Science-Technology awards;  many prizes of Zhangjiagangg Science-Technology awards.
        4、All the products of the company are regarded as High-tech Products in Jiangsu Province, two of which are listed as National Key New Products.
        5、Four main triazole fungicide products are achievements of National Torch Plan Programme, one of them is Industrial Demonstration Project of National Torch Plan and International Science -technology Cooperation Program -- Jiangsu Development Project of Overseas Scientists.
        6、the company has gained 65 patents for innovation, two of which are gained in America and India.
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