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        Seven continents athletes ...

        [2018-11-14] Source:



          Recently, zhangjiagang the seventh sports games was held at the municipal stadium.After preliminary selection, I company YuYi chemical department, the ministry of foreign trade to rainfall intensity on behalf of huachang group took part in the game.

          Games kicked off in tension, stimulate the atmosphere, the players will be"Faster, higher, stronger" spirit of sports.Huachang JiTuanDui made in various sports group third prizes.YuYi, the company in which I shall be of the runner-up and third place respectively in the 200 - meter dash.4 * 100 meters team relay fourth good grades.YuYi perseverance in the 1500 meters, in no. 8.


          It is based on the seven continent of the company's strong support, at ordinary times the rich contents, various forms of after-hour activities, employees in completes the labor of duty at the same time maximize their own special features and vitality, better for the development of the company make greater dedication.