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        Seven states of green chemical...

        [2018-11-14] Source:

        On July 27, 2018, with the jiangsu seven continents green chemical co., LTD., jiangsu tai law firm of the legal advisory services cooperation formally start ceremony.Zhou Yaode company chairman and general manager assistant ShenQiZhou, head of investment, legal director attended the launching ceremony together with the legal team members.At this point, Thai law office of countries in jiangsu will be professional, director of the play, forProtect the company's rapid and healthy development。


        Of tai law firm in jiangsu 10 menstrual judicature bureau of jiangsu province approved the establishment in 1996, is set up in suzhou earlier, strong comprehensive strength in zhangjiagang city of one of the partnership law firms.After ten years of development, jiangsu of tai law firm has become a to provide legal services, in many fields of legal services occupy the position of law firm, was named the law firm in jiangsu province.Ty of countries in jiangsu lawyers have consummate legal professional knowledge and rich practical experience, in the civil and commercial, financial, real estate, maritime affairs, intellectual property, foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions business has extensive experience in the field of professional team.Of countries in jiangsu tai law firm, a longtime large group of companies, Banks and other financial institutions, large enterprises and institutions, the legal counsel of foreign-funded enterprises, government departments and other units, and participate in as zhangjiagang standing committee, the municipal administration, the municipal people's government of legal adviser, provided legal service well received by the social from all walks of life, and the region related units have maintained good relations of cooperation.

         Companies in the process of rapid development of intellectual property rights, environmental protection, foreign trade in areas such as legal demand is also increasing.Related legal issues of professional, complexity, difficulty, only legal company, have been unable to meet the needs of the company's legal services.So it need professional legal team to meet this demand.


        Lawyers weeks leaching by jiangsu province of Thailand, Jiang Bo lawyers, Xue Ting law, FanYong four people to form the legal advisory services team, combined with the company's legal requirements and the status quo, made a comprehensive, professional, efficient and feasible legal service plan.