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State of the Blog – 2021 Edition

This is my second State of the Blog. You can find my 2020 post here.

Reminder: Why I’m Blogging

My primary reason to blog is that I love thinking about all things personal finance and writing about it helps bring clarity to my thoughts and gives me some accountability. This blog is a success for that reason alone.

My secondary reason is to have something to point friends and family to when they ask me a personal finance question and I want to give them something they can consume on their own time. I often get asked a question which leads to me writing a blog post that I can share later when asked that question. Write once, read many. My desire to be somewhat anonymous has hampered this a bit, since it makes me less likely to share my thoughts with friends and family.

Lastly, I’m organizing my thoughts with the idea that one day it could come together in a book form. I’m not working from a plan, more of the “fieldstone” method of writing: gathering stones, then stacking them at one end of the field, until one day, I realize I’ve built a wall.

It’s tempting to look at blogs like Mr. Money Mustache and GoCurryCracker and dream of this blog paying for itself and then some. I know I’m looking at a very long tail. But even if this blog can’t break even, it’s a fun hobby. Other people drive race cars or skydive. I play with spreadsheets. To each their own I suppose.

Blog Stats for 2021

Total Posts: 48 (down from 52 in 2020; I took a break during December from writing posts or this would have been about the same)

Total Page Views: 4,106 (up from 1,513)

Unique Visitors: 2,770 (up from 521)

Comments: 216 (up from 154) followers: 14 (up from 5)

Mailchimp Audience: 17 subscribers (up from 7)

Top Pages

Amazon Affiliate Revenue: $1.74

Blog costs (domain + DreamHost hosting): $43.08

  • Domain Transfer to Google Domains: $12
  • DreamHost Starter/Shared: $31.08 (3 year contract; expires November 2022)

Profit: -$42.34

Goals for 2022

  • My primary goal for 2022 is to migrate my blog to a static site hosted on Netlify. This would bring my blog costs down to just the domain registration. I’m also thinking about migrating to a totally new blog name.
  • I’ve been working on a book about 529s. I hope to self-publish it during 2022.


Hope you had a great start to 2022!

Hasta luego!

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