How much risk will I tolerate?

Recently, while reading Lifecycle Investing by Ian Ayres and Barry Nalebuff, I wondered how to calculate my relative risk aversion(RRA). Financial advisors often ask their clients a series of questions to calculate their risk and determine the suitability of different types of investments. These questionnaires are challenged because many people often say one thing but… Continue reading How much risk will I tolerate?


Which is the winner? Lump sum investing or dollar cost averaging?

There’s no shortage of market pundits predicting impending doom. The current trend of prophecy is pointing to astronomical price-to-earnings ratios and how calamity ensued the last time this happened. If I’m an investor with a lump sum to invest, what do I do? The last thing I want to do is drop it in an… Continue reading Which is the winner? Lump sum investing or dollar cost averaging?

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What’s in my portfolio?

Last October, I shared my target allocations in my tax loss harvesting update. In this post, I thought I’d provide some financial voyeuristic fodder and share what my current allocations, as well as what investments I have in my portfolio. Tax-Advantaged and Taxable Allocations I break out my allocations between my tax-advantaged accounts (workplace 401(k),… Continue reading What’s in my portfolio?