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Virginia529’s Tuition Track Giveaway (June 2022)

Virginia529’s latest promotion is a free unit contribution (roughly $140) to a new or existing Tuition Track Portfolio when you add five units (roughly $700) by June 30, 2022. Unlike the April promotion, either the beneficiary or the account owner must be a Virginia resident to buy Tuition Track units, . Is The Offer Worth It? A few… Continue reading Virginia529’s Tuition Track Giveaway (June 2022)


Taking a peek at CollegeAmerica, Virginia’s advisor-sold 529

Last week, during my research on Virginia’s Tuition Track Portfolio option, I discovered that Virginia’s advisor-sold 529 plan is twelve times the size of Virginia’s direct-sold 529 plan! Not only that, it’s the biggest 529 plan in the nation. And it’s not even close! It’s 2.4 times the size of the runner up, New York’s… Continue reading Taking a peek at CollegeAmerica, Virginia’s advisor-sold 529


How does Virginia’s new Tuition Track Portfolio work?

Like pension plans, prepaid tuition 529 plans are disappearing. Virginia closed its Prepaid529 plan to new enrollments on May 1, 2019, after facing pressure to lower the costs of prepaid tuition contracts, a move that allegedly would have threatened the health of the program. Frankly, the prepaid program was significantly smaller than the other two… Continue reading How does Virginia’s new Tuition Track Portfolio work?


Couch to 529

I wish I’d started earlier taking advantage of 529 accounts. I’m running out of precious years of compounding. But what about the so-far untapped compounding for any future grandchildren? Using current assumptions, what would a plan to fund college-bound grandchildren look like? Comfortably on the Couch I can’t open 529s for grandkids that don’t yet… Continue reading Couch to 529

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Playing 529 Catchup (Part 3)

In my last post, I laid out my plan for contributing to my children’s college education and creating incentives for keeping the cost down without sacrificing the quality of their education. My final contribution goal (including a 3% inflation) came to $299,901. That’s significantly smaller than the original number of $413,264, but still pretty high.… Continue reading Playing 529 Catchup (Part 3)