Couch to 529

I wish I’d started earlier taking advantage of 529 accounts. I’m running out of precious years of compounding. But what about the so-far untapped compounding for any future grandchildren? Using current assumptions, what would a plan to fund college-bound grandchildren look like? Comfortably on the Couch I can’t open 529s for grandkids that don’t yet… Continue reading Couch to 529

529 · Education

Playing 529 Catchup (Part 3)

In my last post, I laid out my plan for contributing to my children’s college education and creating incentives for keeping the cost down without sacrificing the quality of their education. My final contribution goal (including a 3% inflation) came to $299,901. That’s significantly smaller than the original number of $413,264, but still pretty high.… Continue reading Playing 529 Catchup (Part 3)

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Laundering College Expenses Through a 529

In less than two months, my oldest starts her freshman year at college.  Yikes! To put it mildly, it’s going to be different starting college during a pandemic. Most of her classes are online and a couple are “hybrid”, mixing in-person and online components. Everything after Thanksgiving is online. Like I said, it’s going to… Continue reading Laundering College Expenses Through a 529