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What’s in my portfolio?

Last October, I shared my target allocations in my tax loss harvesting update. In this post, I thought I’d provide some financial voyeuristic fodder and share what my current allocations, as well as what investments I have in my portfolio. Tax-Advantaged and Taxable Allocations I break out my allocations between my tax-advantaged accounts (workplace 401(k),… Continue reading What’s in my portfolio?

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Tax Loss Harvesting Update – October 2020

A couple of years ago, I closed my Wealthfront account. After closing my account, I set out to DIY a tax loss harvesting system, modeled after Wealthfront. I’m tempted to call it my level 5 asset allocation strategy.  Building my own tax loss harvesting system has a few advantages, including: Avoid Wealthfront’s .25% management fee… Continue reading Tax Loss Harvesting Update – October 2020